Gina Tzagkaraki

Our piano teacher Gina provides weekly piano lessons at ProStudios.

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Gina Tzagkaraki was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She started to play the piano at the age of 8 and fell in love with it. She considers herself a musician in a more holistic way than just a pianist. She has experienced also multiple other instruments such as the viola, the tampouras (traditional byzantine instrument), as well as different choirs and orchestras. At the age of 21 she gained her first professional degree in musical harmony from the Conservatory "EHOGENESIS" and one year after in classical piano from the Conservatory of Saint-Dimitris. Meanwhile, she was accepted at "The Royal Conservatory" of The Hague, to continue her advanced piano studies. Now she lives, studies and teaches piano in The Hague.

The construction of the lessons is tailored on each student's needs and desires. Gina chooses pieces and exercises from different books, while guiding the students on practising songs that they like. Every lesson is an opportunity to learn something new with main purpose the musicality and expression. The piano lessons with Gina are fun and productive at the same time!

The lessons are for both for children and adults and they are given in English and Greek.

You can listen to Gina here: